• CMT Advisory
  • “I worked with Mateusz Bednarz on the share sale transaction. Although Mateusz worked on the other side of the transaction, he was able to cooperate in a very constructive way and he was very keen to close the transaction in a formula beneficial to his client.”

  • Paweł Łągwa, CMT Advisory Partner
  • Innogy
  • “Mateusz is a very good transactional lawyer, he represented us in a complex branch transaction. I can absolutely recommend him as a
    business lawyer.”

  • Artur Stawiarski, Head of M&A of Innogy Polska
  • Manpower Group
  • “I have known Mateusz for years. He is a reliable and dedicated lawyer. He has been responsive to a model like ours and the necessity to respond quickly to current demand is an extremely important feature.”

  • Olga Gierada-Jabłonka, Head of Legal of Manpower Group
  • Resource Partners
  • “Mateusz is a very good transactional lawyer who knows how to connect many threads with each other. At the same time, he is reliable and responsive.”

  • Wojciech Pociecha, Investment Director of Resource Partners


We have completed over 50 corporate projects,
as well as equity transactions


"Mateusz is a very good transactional lawyer, he represented us in a difficult industry transaction. I can absolutely recommend him as a business lawyer".

Artur Stawiarski, Head of M&A


"Mateusz is a business lawyer with an extremely good feeling for stock market issues. He is perfectly capable of finding himself in the meanders of stock exchange regulations and at the same timetaking into account the client's business".

Tomasz Gwizda, Member of the Management Board


"Mateusz Bednarz is a verygoodlawyer who understands business conditions. At the same time, he canalways be counted on, takes the client seriously and is extremely responsive".

Dariusz Blicharz, CEO


„ Mateusz Bednarz is a reliable and responsive business lawyer always looking at the effects of legal advice.”

Andrzej Pilarz, CEO


"Mr. Mateusz Bednarz represented the company in the transaction of Abris fund's entry into the company. He was extremely reliable, durable and represented us in a veryreliable manner."

Marcin Grabowski, Member of the Managment Board


Michał Wetoszka, Senior Banker

"Mateusz Bednarz was perfectly able to respond to our needs. Besides, he was justwhen we needed him, he didn't leave us when we needed him."


"Mateusz and his team created complimentary procedures for the company. Professional, responsive, reliable, with great regulatory knowledge. I can confidently recommend Mateusz as a business lawyer."

Jakub Kapica, Head of Legal


"I have worked with Mateusz and I can recommend him as a great lawyer, who is always looking after the interests of the client and at the same time is extremely empathic about (and understands) the position of others".

Alessandro Tofani, Head of Digitalization