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Mateusz Bednarz, LLM

About the Legal Counsel: Mateusz has 12 years of professional experience. He specializes in the area of M&A transactions and gained substantial regulatory experience in the area of capital markets. He also provides legal advisory for the entrepreneurs, including their business determinants. Mateusz graduated from 4 universities (Poznań, Bologna, Hamburg, Ghent) and postgraduation studies from the area of stock exchanges. He is also an external lecturer at the postgraduation studies at Warsaw School of Economics. He is fluent in English and Italian, and also advises clients in Russian.

Mentoring: Mateusz Bednarz as the founder of Bednarz offers his knowledge and experience to younger people who are just starting their professional adventure with law and entrepreneurship. For this purpose, Bednarz has established the Bednarz Mentoring program, under which he will provide his knowledge and experience to adepts in the legal profession. Bednarz Mentoring assumes taking care of 3 candidates selected by Mateusz Bednarz. If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact us by e-mail: mateusz.bednarz@mbednarz.pl

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